For many people, the visit to a museum may “occupy” a very small part of their walk. There is, however, a number of people, not necessarily specialized, for whom the visit to a museum is a very special activity as it constitutes the main axes of their itinerary.


  Especially for schools and pupils, the museum should be considered a most significant place for learning through experience, since this is where a unique opportunity is provided for theory, practice and imagination to co-exist. The exhibits in combination with the rest of the museum’s equipment (billboards, printed material, models, illustrations, maquettes), are an excellent visual tool at the disposal of both the teacher and the pupils. 

This is the reason why a message should be passed to pupils that an educational trip doesn’t only comprise fun, but should also be combined with creative learning. This unique opportunity is not to be missed, especially if the distance between school and museum is great. 

So, what are the reasons we decided to engage in the presentation of the Ancient Olympic Games Museum? 

  • This particular museum is an ornament for Olympia and the greater region of Ilia. It has gained the love and the appreciation of the public since the very first day it opened. 

  • There was no elaborate presentation of the exhibits and information relevant to the ancient Olympic games on the internet since the museum was only recently opened to the public. 

  • The educational and pedagogical value of such a place. This museum is convenient for pupils as its theme and exhibits are attractive as well as interesting. The Olympic games will continue to be in focus even after the 2004 Games (exactly because the Games are repeated every four years). 

The present digital presentation in no way aspires to substitute the unique and authentic atmosphere of the actual museum. The rare landscape, pine tree scent and the trip to the “Kallistos HellenonTopos” constitute experiences which are impossible to depict. The visitors must live them. 

We wish you a pleasant tour in our “Virtual museum”!!!